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Four decades of Mallett family music in Maine

Luke and Will Mallett had a normal childhood, growing up in the woods of Maine; with one key advantage: their father David's success as a singer/songwriter.


(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- David Mallett is one of Maine's finest folk musicians. For more than four decades he's written songs for other artists, and made a name for himself as a singer.

Despite traveling, Mallett and his wife Jayne wanted to raise their three children in Maine, two of whom are now the front-men of The Mallett Brothers Band.

Luke and Will created the rock and roll group, that now tours the country; but the brothers didn't always know music was their passion.

Will wanted to snowboard professionally. While Luke was just as good on the slopes, teaching other children how to ski, he wasn't sure what he wanted to do.

"I'm having a moment of panic in the house talking about how I have to go to Portland and find a job if I want to be able to find an apartment for the summer, and he pretty much said, 'Don't do that. Don't get a job, go couch surf. You got gigs all summer, go couch surf and play some gigs and don't worry about getting a job,'" Luke recalls from a conversation with his father, David.

"That defined my life, from that point forward."

While it wasn't easy moving from Nashville back to the quiet country of Maine, the boys have turned their experiences into songs on their new album, Vive L'Acadie.

Luke, Will, and their sister Molly are all featured in their father's latest single, Celebration; keeping music a family affair.

"There aren't enough kids that get to grow up with this perspective of feeling like this is a legitimate thing that you can do with your life and it's not a waste of time," said Luke. "We got to see it work, and we got to see it happen and we all survived. Nobody starved and nobody froze... not yet. And it just made it feel possible, and it just kind of set the course."

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