PORTER, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — When you think of acting opportunities and film making, the town of Porter, Maine probably doesn't come to mind. It was however the setting of two short films created by a group of teenagers.

Seven students signed up to take part in a week long film training experience at the Smooth Feather Film School. They started out by brainstorming ideas coming up with a documentary and romantic comedy. They then begin blocking scenes and writing dialog that would eventually turn into films they would shoot and edit. They had help from professional actors as well as Silas Hagerty who owns the Kezar Falls Theater where the school was held.

"This week is a real dream of mine because ever since I bought this theater five years ago I've had this idea of how great would it be to have a film school that I'm able to teach local youth who might not have this opportunity otherwise to make movies," said Hagerty.

In addition to the students who participated, Hagerty also had an apprentice named Cullen Dumbrocyo learn new film techniques. Films helped him turn his life around after spending four years at Long Creek Youth Development Center as well as doing jail time for vandalizing a school.

"Cumberland County Jail and I stayed in there for two months. That whole entire time Silas came in to see me every Sunday, so he was like a mentor for me," said Dumbrocyo.

When the final touches were edited into the films it was time for the fun part. A free showing of the movies where around 170 people from the Porter area came out to cheer on the students during a red carpet entrance and give an applause after each showing.

"I believe it's the best opportunity i could have ever gotten to do," said 13-year-old Tika Eastman.