ARUNDEL, Maine — If you're looking for inspiration, you might find it in Emma Brennan.

She's just 8-years-old, but the little girl from Biddeford knows how to spread kindness. She's had a love of animals ever since she can remember. When she found out that not all animals have loving homes, she decided to create animal art to help them.

"I don't know, I just love them so much," said Brennan. "I don't really know why I just love animals. They're so cute and cuddly."

Three years ago she started hiding the rock art in random places for strangers to find. Each piece with a card that reads 'Find me, post me, re-hide me. Emma Brenna's Rock Message Facebook 2019 Maine. Love for all animals.' Her grandmother, Judy Chambers, helps her find good hiding spots.

"I'm very impressed it's gone this far," said Chambers. "We started with finger nail glue and they started coming off and people started posting them and the animal was missing. I thought 'oh my God I didn't realize they were going to travel that far', so we better get some better glue, so it just kept getting better and then she started getting bigger with rocks."

This year was the first time Emma tried selling her rocks to buyers. Some for $5 and the biggest creations going for $20. She uses that money to continue her mission of helping animals in need at animal shelters.

"When we're done selling them we go to the store and we buy food for the animals and we go to a shelter that needs food and we give it to the animals," said Brennan.

Even with her donations to local shelters, Brennan still enjoys hiding her rock art in random places to spread kindness to animals. One traveling as far as Alaska after the person who found it posted the rock art on Facebook.

"I'm very impressed with her and I think we all learn that she is trying to make a difference in this world and it's really important for younger kids to realize that it's important for them to make a difference in this world because this younger generation matters," said Chambers.