PORTLAND, Maine — The latest issue of Down East is upon us and it is a feature unto itself, it is all about food. But there is a particular angle to this particular issue. It is not just any food, but Maine food. The food we all grew up with. The food we craved, coveted, and some we maybe ran from. It features Moxie, Italians, Fiddleheads, Salted Fish, Whoopie Pies and nearly thirty other items of culinary dreamscape that makes up the Maine childhood.

There is also a feature on 9 chefs in Maine that have shaped the future of food in the state, from the midcoast down to Portland. These chefs have taken charge & changed the way Maine eats.

And of course, when talking about food in Maine, you can't exclude lobster. And they caught up with John Olson, an active lobsterman, who will turn 97 this year.