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Does talking about death interest you? Maybe this book will help

Dr Samuel Harrington's new book At Peace, is a book about a good death.

At Peace, Choosing a Good Death After a Long Life, is a new book written by Dr Samuel Harrington. It covers the subject that many of us don't want to talk about but all of us will soon face. Death is the only thing that everyone of us shares with another, we will all die, and Dr Harrington wants to explain to us that we can have a choice on how we turn off the lights.

Through his experience of being a doctor for many decades and watching his parents cross over into the great beyond, he decided to write a book to better inform the rest of us on end of life decisions. In this new book he describes the terminal patterns of six of the most common chronic diseases and how to have those end of life conversations and minimize painful treatments. He advises that in the same way we can plan for the birth of our children, and communicate how we want that experience to happen, we can do the same with our deaths. We can write a death plan, and then go quietly into that good night.

At Peace: Choosing A Good Life After A Long Life.

By Dr. Samuel Harrington

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