One of our regulars in the 207 kitchen is chef David Turin, who own's David's restaurants in Portland, South Portland and Kennebunkport.

In April, he gave a talk at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute's Sea State lecture series. The talk came about because David has spent much of his life on, near or in the water.

He has a deep interest in the health of lakes and oceans and fisheries, an interest that goes back to when he was a boy and he spent time in boats on Lake Erie. Pollution on the lake was bad enough that dead fish were everywhere.

Hence the name of his talk, "Dead Fish to Starboard: A Lifetime of Changes on the Water."

He is embarrassed to admit that when he first started in the restaurant business, sustainability wasn't as important to him. These days, though, he sees it as a vital concern in the restaurant industry.

He is also interested in climate change. Some of his concern comes from his observations of shorelines as an avid surfer. He says the ocean is creeping up and humans need to act.