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Cumin-seared salmon pairs well with a fresh watermelon salsa

Chef David Turin creates a fresh salsa with end-of-summer flavors

PORTLAND, Maine — Chef David Turin is the owner and chef of David's 388 in South Portland, and David's in Monument Square in Portland. Tonight, he is combining fresh, summer flavors in to a salsa that will accompany cumin-seared salmon. 

Cumin Seared Salmon with Watermelon and Cucumber Salsa

Yield:  2 portions

Ingredients: salmon

2 x 6 oz salmon fillets

1 lime

2 T Ground cumin

½ t kosher Salt

½ t black pepper

for cooking Canola oil

Method of Preparation: Salmon

1. Wedge the lime and squeeze a little juice over each salmon fillet

2.  Combine cumin, salt and pepper on a plate and dip the salmon in the spice blend

3. Pre-heat a non-stick sauté pan with a small amount of cooking oil

4. Sear the salmon on all sides and then reduce the heat and cook salmon to preferred doneness

5. Remove salmon from pan onto plates, top with salsa

Watermelon-Cucumber salsa           

Yield:  1 Qt


2 C Seedless watermelon, small dice

1/2 ea  Cucumber, washed, small dice

1/2 ea Red pepper, small dice

1/2 ea Small red onion, small dice

2 ea Scallions, small dice –use all of the green and white

4 T   Cilantro, chopped

4 T Mint, chiffonade

1 T  Red Wine vinegar

1T  Lime juice

1 t Cumin

1 t Salt, Kosher

1 t  Black pepper, ground

¼  C Olive oil

Optional additions

Minced Jalapeño if you want a little heat

Sugar, honey or Maple syrup to taste (depending on how sweet the watermelon is)

Method of Preparation:

  • combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl

This salmon dish is delicious served with cheesy grits or creamy polenta. Enjoy!