NORTH BERWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- For kids unable to afford their own instruments, art supplies, or even cameras there's help at Continuum Arts Collective.

The non-profit was started by Martin England at his home in North Berwick. Martin didn't know it at the time when he gifted a guitar to Buddy Hutchins who was 17-years-old, but that was the moment Continuum Arts Collective was born.

"Was a beautiful, tailored, acoustic, electric guitar and looking over that was awesome," said Hutchins. "I felt like that somebody believed in me and that they wanted me to do good things."

Since that first guitar, England has taken donated equipment, refurbished them and gifted them to more than 100 kids wanting to get in touch with their creative side without the funds to do so.

"They just don't have great home lives, so what we know about music and about arts is that it is a really great healing mechanism, so it really helps a lot of kids overcome their trauma," said England.

Continuum Arts Collective has outgrown Martin's barn. It now has a program within Noble High School where his wife, Jennifer England, teaches. Music lessons are taught to 31 students. If the time comes that they have the means to help someone else, the hope is that they'll remember those who gave them their start.

"I'm a living example of what can happen when somebody believes in you and makes those tools possible for you," said Hutchins.

Continuum Arts Collective will be holding its biggest annual fundraiser, Revel In the Meadow, on June 2nd at Spring Hill in South Berwick. It will feature local and regional music, art and beer from noon until 6 PM.