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Coming this week: It’s not Record Store Day, but it’s close

A preview of some music and video releases you can buy on RSD Black Friday.

PORTLAND, Maine — In 2007, Chris Brown of Bull Moose came up with the idea for a celebration of the spirit and culture of independently-owned record stores. It was no mere passing fancy, and the idea turned into an international event called Record Store Day, observed on every continent except Antarctica.

Record store owners were so enthusiastic about the day — and the sales it produced — that they decided to build on it with RSD Black Friday. It's a cousin of Record Store Day which takes place the day after Thanksgiving. It gives customers a chance to buy exclusive music and video releases, as well as releases that are available first at independent stores.

Chris and Mick Pratt of Bull Moose joined us to talk about some of the RSD Black Friday releases, ranging from Aerosmith to Weird Al. Here are the descriptions Mick provided.

Aerosmith – 1971: The Road Starts Hear

You think you’ve heard everything Aerosmith has ever put out, but I promise you’ve never heard this. A year before they were signed to Columbia, and two years before their actual debut, the band was just hanging out in their rehearsal space with some friends and crew. 

That session was captured on Joe Perry’s tape recorder and is now being heard by the public for the first time ever.

Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou Soundtrack

Surprisingly this is the first time the soundtrack to the classic Wes Anderson film has been available on vinyl before (though just Seu Jorge’s amazing David Bowie covers have been released separately). 

This title was originally set to release for an earlier RSD drop but was delayed due to supply chain issues. Fans have already been waiting since 2004, so what’s a few more months?

Fleetwood Mac – Alternate Live

You wanted to hear some of the bonus tracks from Fleetwood Mac Super Deluxe, but the price was a little higher than you thought? Fear not! Here are 14 live tracks including seven from the Tusk Tour, four from Rumors, and three from Mirage. Why relive one concert when you can relive the greatest hits from three?

Weird Al’ + Osaka Popstar – Beat on the Brat

Weird Al (you know him) and Osaka Popstar (an anime-influenced punk rock supergroup) recorded expanded and live versions of "Beat on the Brat" as a follow-up to their collaboration on the 2017 Dr. Demento “Cover in Punk” compilation. 

The line between novelty songs and punk rock is razor-thin. In fact, the Venn diagram between the two might just be a circle.

Carole King – BBC Live Performance (1971)

Continuing the theme of “things recorded in 1971” is a BBC recording of Carole King performing hits from her seminal album “Tapestry” backed up by her friends and collaboration with Danny “Kootch” Kortchmar on guitar.

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