SOUTH PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Maine Kids Yoga was started by a pre-school teacher who had this idea that breathing exercises might calm her students ever so slightly; it did.

Now, Cayce Lannon has opened her own studio called Maine Kids Yoga, where she spreads the benefits of yoga to the very young.

"It’s not about, 'sit still and listen to the teacher,' they get that all day at school. This is where they don’t have to do that." Lannon and one of her instructors, Sammy Migliozzi, invite their students to clear their minds, however they need to.

"Stick to you guns and keep pushing forward and they will jump in when they’re ready."

At Maine Kids Yoga, it is all fun and games... with purpose.

"What they teach in school is not stress management and how to calm yourself down, and how to react well to situations, or how to kind of just find that peaceful space," said Migliozzi. "So we feel like it’s really important to bring that into a child’s life at an early age so they have those tools going forward."

Tools that, these instructors have learned, help outside of the studio.

"A lot of the kids have said they have had positive reactions to getting angry or getting bothered by a sibling, because they have those tools in the back pocket of what it’s like to calm down your body and calm down your mind and take a moment, and having movement as a way to release that stress."

Lannon says so many parents saw positive results from their kids taking classes that they wanted to join in; so Maine Kids Yoga now offers family classes every Sunday at it's studio in Portland.