SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER Maine) -- There was a time when you wouldn't be surprised to see a server roll up with your order in roller skates. That time isn't now and it's why Jeannie Dunnigan makes for a good story.

Dunnigan opened CIA Cafe in South Portland five years ago, as well as a location in Saco last year. Before becoming a business owner, she was an artist who enjoyed painting. CIA has combined the best of both worlds. CIA is now a place where she can give herself and other artists a place to showcase their work around customers stopping in for breakfast. There seems to be an endless amount of reasons to walk into CIA, but the owner's roller skates are a strong number one.

Jeannie Dunnigan's roller skates.

"She's really fast because she has roller skates, which is pretty cool," said John Musacchio. "I've never seen anyone whip around on roller skates and deliver coffee before, so it's fun."

Dunnigan gets around both her cafe locations with four wheels under each foot. She's fast and her mode of transportation is a joy for customers to watch. Roller skating is second nature to her for a reason. She was one of 15 kids growing up and that made Christmas difficult for her parents. The helping hand of a local club would have a lasting effect on 10-year-old Dunnigan.

"The Elks visited us one Christmas and they brought me a pair of roller skates," said Dunnigan. "So when I got those shiny, red roller skates I was out in the parking lot that spring."

Jeannie Dunnigan roller skating at CIA Cafe.

You may walk into CIA Cafe interested in a coffee, or a breakfast sandwich, but there is a pair of roller skates wheeling from counter to customer that will give you a smile free of charge.

"You're just happy when you're on skates," said Dunnigan.