LITTLETON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Incoming freshman at Bowdoin College will become very familiar with Brunswick and southern Maine over the next four years, but what about the rest of the state?

Two groups of freshman from Bowdoin visited the county as part of a service learning project. Seven of those students volunteered at the Southern Aroostook Agriculture Museum in Littleton, including 18-year-old Eddie Korando who noticed some similarities between his home state of Wisconsin and northern Maine.

"People are going out of their way to help people, even if they've never met you and that's something I feel you don't really find in a city. You don't really find that sense of community," said Korando.

Students also got to tour parts of Aroostook County during their stay, learning about the importance of farming in the area. Potato farming specifically. Karen Donato, museum volunteer, helped explain the history of the potato industry in Maine.

"What we want them to know is to take a look and think about where does their food come from and how important it is to support our farmers and how important agriculture is to the world," said Donato.

Other service learning trips took Bowdoin College students to Portland and Lubec.