#5 Sky High: A 2005 film starring Kurt Russel, Bruce Campbell, and most of the Kids in the Hall about a fictional world where most people have super powers and there’s a special high school for extra special kids. Interestingly enough; this is almost the exact same plot for one of the highest rated animes airing in Japan right now: My Hero Academia.

#4 Battle Royale: The inspiration for things like Hunger Games and Fortnite; Battle Royale is an absolutely brutal film. It’s kind of amazing that a film like this was repackaged into a series of books for young adults or a game you can play on your phone.

#3 Rushmore: I’ve often said that Rushmore is the funniest movie I never laughed at. A young Jason Schwartzman plays an eccentric private school kid and Bill Murray plays a middle-aged depressed business magnate and they both try to woe an elementary school teacher played by Olivia Williams. If that plot sounds like Wes Anderson that’s because it is.

#2 Mean Girls: In a lot of ways Mean Girls is like the millennial Breakfast Club. The movie that deals with the awkward high school years in a way that resonates deeply with them. It also features a pretty big ensemble cast of SNL regulars (including Tina Fey and Amy Poehler). Initially panned on release it got a cult following big enough to be made into a musical! No other film on the list has that claim to fame.

#1 Back to School: Rodney Dangerfield as… himself basically in an oft’ imitated but never perfected formula of ‘parent goes back to college with their kid’. With cameos from Kurt Vonnegut, Sam Kinison, and Danny Elfman (plus the rest of Oingo Boingo) and even Robert “Tony Stark” Downey Jr. Little known fact it was filmed on the UW Madison campus in Wisconsin; where I assure you there are no outdoor pools.

Runners UP

  1. Breakfast Club: Omitted for being “too obvious”. It tops nearly everyone else’s list so we figured it went without saying.
  2. PCU: A movie that gave us the unspoken rule that one shouldn't wear the shirt of the band they’re about to see to that concert (though you must wear a shirt from a different band). But everything else in this movie aged really, really poorly. Gonna be a big YIKES for me dog.
  3. Kindergarten Cop: Who is your daddy, and what does he do? Never said that it had to be about High School or College to qualify for the list. Cop and a Half was the runner up to this runner up.
  4. Grease One of our vendor sales reps insisted that this be included. Always thought it was more a musical than a school movie, but hey, they are in school I guess.
  5. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Back to School filled our 80s quotient so we had to Save Ferris for the runners up.
  6. Election We weren’t going to mention this one for fear of it being too political. Wait, shoot...
  7. Rock & Roll High School So what if you took a 2:42 song and then stretched it into a 1:33:13 movie?
  8. Easy A This how you trick young people into reading Hawthorne. Or, the Wikipedia about Hawthorne anyway.
  9. Schoolhouse Rock An entry that nearly made the list, but was disqualified for not being a film.
  10. Class of 1999 In the grim future of 1999 delinquent kids are taught by killer androids. Wait, wasn’t this movie made in 1991? Did the filmmakers really think that robossassins were only 8 years away?