SOUTH BERWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- There's something to be said for experience, but everyone has to start somewhere. That's the case for the new boys' basketball coach at Seacoast Christian, Skyler Archer.

If you ask Archer about his time as a player for the Guardians, he'll share several fond memories. They aren't hard to recall because not much time has passed since he dawned a Seacoast basketball Jersey. The 19-year-old was a captain on the team last year.

"I was more of a team player and a leader on the floor," said Archer. "I played minutes because I led the team out there and I was a an extension of the coach."

The athletic director at Seacoast Christian, who is also Archer's sister, had another head coach lined up for this season, but that person fell through. When she read that a coach must be at least 20 years of age, or a high school graduate in the Maine Principles' Association's coaching guidelines, her recent graduate of a brother came to mind. After a yes from Archer, it was time to consult the players. Especially senior Jet Archer who would now have both a former team-mate and a brother as a coach.

"It's hard to see him with a whistle and not out there playing with me, but as the games been going on I've gotten a lot more used to it," said Jet Archer.

It took just a few game into the regular season for the Guardians to learn that if they can get past their friendship with their former teammate and listen to his directions as a team leader good things will happen.

"I've been very surprised and happy with the level of respect they've given me," said Archer. "It's been easier than I thought it would be."

The boys' basketball team currently has a 3-3 record with their next game scheduled for Friday against North Yarmouth Academy and to be played at Eliot Baptist Church.