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An entrée for Christmas dinner that’s delicious but “a real bear to carve”

Why the editor of “Down East” turned to “A Christmas Carol” for holiday inspiration.

PORTLAND, Maine — A few years back Brian Kevin and his family decided it was time to address their lack of robust food traditions at Christmas. They gave it some thought and came up with a plan: “Why not get all Dickensian?”

Now they have a splendid tradition--goose for Christmas dinner. The bird comes from Apple Creek Farm in Bowdoinham, and it makes demands the cooking team better not ignore.

A goose, Brian notes, is “trickier to cook [than turkey] and a real bear to carve, on account of the absolute parka of fat the birds are swaddled in.” As the goose cooks, the fat oozes out and is saved. “That liquid gold will last you a year, improving your potatoes and savory crusts and pretty much anything you fry—and helping justify a goose’s price tag.”

Brian, the editor in chief of “Down East,” joined us on 207 to talk about his goose story and other articles in the magazine’s December issue, including one on the changes rippling through Rockport and a profile of Chris Newell, a Wabanaki who now runs the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor. As always, watch our interview to learn more.