When thinking of vocal harmony, the thinking might start with barbershop quartets, then move into music written and arranged by Bob Crewe, think Jersey Boys & Frankie Valley; Oh Cherrie, or Can't Take My Eyes Off of You. Then somewhere along the way, the thinking may finally arrive on The Everley Brothers, can you really tell whose singing T is For Texas. The lead switches between Don & Phil so often it is nearly impossible to discern whose who. It makes for great family entertainment if you like to see old men scream at each other.

Will & Luke Mallett of The Mallett Brothers Band have the genetic similarity that allows for impossible intonations and wonderful vocal harmonies. And they picked up a few other genetic misfits along the way, just to round out this rock & roll DNA. The ensemble of the two Malletts and Andrew Martelle on the fiddle, Chuck Gagne stomping skins, and Ye Olde Nick Leen, keeping rhythm on the low notes. It produces a sound you haven't heard before. And then to top all the layers off with the gritty dirt of rock & roll history, Wally bends strings into submission leading guitar riffs from hell East Bay Ray would wish he had played.

You can hear it all In Vive L'Acadie. A new genetic sound you thought you understood and quickly grow to follow. You might think you can clearly identify with the words they are singing and you just listen to the voices talking to you about that mystery feeling that sweeps over you on those hot summer nights at the barn dance at 12 when you really thought that Megan McLaughlin was looking at you as you danced with Katy Cross, and you felt in your knees that you had a choice who to kiss, and you could taste the warm, wet whatever that your future held. The glow of joy & possibility inside endless summer.

The new album lands on June 15th, Vive L'Acadie, an anthem for a lost cause, but perhaps the lost cause is what really needs an anthem. And The Mallett Brothers Band have a knack for digging out old secrets from days of old. Their previous album, The Falling of The Pine is a collection of old logging shanty's found in a dusty songbook Will Mallett found at his mother's bookshelf.

But don't take my word for it. Vive L'Acadie is out on June 15, and The Mallett Brothers Band is playing in places all over the state.