(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- By canoe; freighter; car; and plane, Porter Fox took a unique journey along America's border with Canada and documented what he saw.

He didn't know what the end game would be when he started his three and a half year journey, but he wanted to know if the rest of the border was anything like the small Maine towns near Canada.

Fox grew up on a small Maine island and spent summers about five miles from the border at his family's camp, which was the inspiration behind his journey.

In his book, "Northland: A 4,000-Mile Journey Along America's Forgotten Border," Fox wanted to know more about the places; the problems; and the people that don't often have a spotlight on them until something really bad happens.

Fox writes about a 500% increase in agents after the September 11 attacks, which suddenly locked down border communities, making it more difficult to work trades like lumber and fishing.

"I hoped I would find a northland that stretches all the way across the country," says Fox. "I was really happy I did."

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