Singing makes you happy. You do it all the time. Mostly when you are alone. In the car, in the shower, in the garden, it makes you happy. It might not make others around you as happy when you are singing, but these are the balances that we face in life.

Katie Matzell's voice will make you happy. Her timber and sultry jazz lyrics float on the whisps of her honeydew voicing. She sings from her toes. And she has a supporting band behind her that catches her complicated syncopations and takes it that next step further, playing the notes you weren't expecting and the songs come wafting down like the jazz clubs of old Harlem. You can feel the smoke, smell the bourbon, hear the bottles clink against the glass and you know you are home.

But don't take my word for it...

Katie Matzell plays at One Longfellow Square Saturday 6.16 with The Amarantos String Quartet.