(NEWS CENTER Maine) -- Five Maine women were inspired by their own mothers, and started jotting memories down. When they compared notes, they realized they had a book of life lessons called, "Compassionate Journey: Honoring Our Mothers' Stories."

Maggie Butler, Cheryl Gillespie, Jenny Radsma, Martha Rice, and Jane Sloven met in a writing workshop in 2012, led by Pat Taub. It was called, "Discovering Our Mothers' Stories." Taub raised questions about seeing mothers as they saw themselves, or forgiving them for their faults and recognizing their strengths.

While navigating some of those answers, the women started collaborating and realized, they were learning more about their mothers; many of whom had already passed.

We sat down with two of the authors, Jane Sloven and Cheryl Gillespie, to talk about what they continue to learn and what they hope others take away from their stories.

If you'd like to talk with any of the women, they'll be at Sherman's Bookstore in Portland on September 23rd.