Circe gave the advice. To plug the ears of the crew and tie himself to the mast. So Odysseus did. And when he heard the voices of the Sirens, he begged, and pleaded, with gnashing teeth and brute strength to let him loose. They couldn't hear him, nor could they hear the Sirens singing. And they sailed through the waters past the rocks. So the story goes, the waters around the island of the Sirens was unsailable from jutting rock & ledge and the Sirens lured men to their death.

Sibylline is not a myth. They are a musical powerhouse with harmonies so intoxicating anyone walking past a bar where their voices trill will stumble in legless, eyes bleary with drunken stupor, as Sibylline bends words, and invent melodies heavy with truth and bleeding joy.

Hannah Daman is the primary voice, bending words that deliver the vision of her voice as it blends with the music. Megan Sabine, plays the violin sometimes through distortion and creates sounds unknown. Francesca Martelle ripping her fingernails to the shoulder bones pulls heavenly agony from an amped and at times distorted mandolin. Both women accompany Hannah with the bending of words and the mixing of vocal anticipation that leaves even the most fervent of sailors wet and ready to the wanting. Their voices mixing like cocktails of ancient melodies into one full verse of ambient, aural, allure that wraps around your heart and drags you under. And to contain the entire debauchery, Dan Capaldi keeps the tick, tick, ticking of the time on the skins.

But don't take my word for it...they are playing at One Longfellow Square in Portland on May 26. Releasing their first CD as Sibylline, SPACE. They fill the space they are in, and can fill you too.