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The ease of making an omelet - in the kitchen with Chef David Turin

You'll flip over how easy it is to turn eggs in to a meal.

PORTLAND, Maine — Omelets may be a bit intimidating, but Chef David Turin wants to make them easy and fun. Gather your ingredients together, and watch while David talks us through his technique for making an omelet. David Turin is the chef at David's 388 in South Portland, and David's Restaurant and Opus Ten in Portland. 

You'll need:



Chopped veggies for filling (your choice! onions, peppers, mushrooms, spinach)

Salt and pepper

Heat butter in pan, until butter is a little browned. (If you prefer, you can use olive oil to cook your omelet.) Add filling for your omelet to the pan -- whatever combination of veggies you prefer. David made his omelet with mushrooms and onions, and added spinach in after a minute or so. Amanda made her omelet with onions and peppers. Allow the filling to cook, but don't overcook. Add beaten eggs, and allow to set. David suggests just 'fluffing' the omelet - lifting the sides of the eggs as they cook to let the uncooked eggs go under and be closer to the heat. 

As the eggs cook and 'set', loosen the edges - and when ready either flip the omelet (watch as David flips his!) or use a large spatula to flip the omelet over. Add cheese to middle of the cooked side. Don't over-brown or overcook the omelet! Fold in half, and serve with buttered toast or a side of fresh fruit. 

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