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Gary and Jan Chalk make a return appearance in our 207 Viewer Chef segment

Back at the grill with "The Appetizer with No Name"

TORONTO, ON — Gary and Jan Chalk are avid 207 viewers, and - most years - eager to visit their home-away-from-home, Maine. This summer, of course, meant that they had to stay put, but they send warm greetings to Maine from Canada! They first joined us as 207 Viewer Chefs and prepared a delicious salmon on the grill. Today,  they've put together another easy, crowd-pleasing appetizer they like to call "The Appetizer with No Name". 

Method of Preparation:
Use tortillas, flatbreads, or Naan bread — available everywhere. Spread chili sauce (homemade or store bought) overtop tortilla or Naan bread. You can also use salsa, or even your favorite barbecue sauce.

Top with diced bell peppers (green, red, yellow, and orange), chopped onions (green, red, white — whatever kind you have), sliced mushrooms; even some zucchini or thin slices of asparagus. For protein consider topping with pre-cooked beef, chicken, or shrimp.

Credit: Contributed - Gary and Jan Chalk

Grate cheese over top — we use a combination of old cheddar and mozzarella. Have a favorite cheese? Use it! Add some fresh basil or cilantro. Consider drizzling some flavored olive oil or perhaps chipotle sauce to finish them off.

Place on pre-heated grill — low temperature. Lightly oil the grill beforehand to prevent sticking. Cook at a low temperature until veggies cook and cheese melts. Be careful not to overcook because you can burn the underside of the tortilla/Naan bread.

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Remove from grill and slice into pieces. Enjoy the ‘Appetizer With No Name.’

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