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Chef Emmi Cross creates a sweet treat for an important birthday

Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Cake is on the menu to celebrate her brother.

CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine — Chef Emmi Cross’s Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Cake

Chef Emmi wanted to surprise her brother with a homemade birthday cake, so she set about layering together plenty of sweets to honor his big day. Brother Mason recently turned 14 and by all accounts -- gave two thumbs up to his birthday cake. When you watch her putting it together, you'll see why. Here is how she created her Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Cake


Chips Ahoy Cookies - One package (1.5 C crushed for the base, whole cookies to create an edge in the freezing pan, some more crushed to mix in the ice cream and maybe some to crumble over the top)

1/3 C Melted Butter

1.5 Quart container of Ice Cream (vanilla or your favorite flavor) - softened for easy mixing

Chocolate Sauce

Caramel Sauce

Whipped Cream

To make the base:

Put cookies into a zipped up plastic bag and crush with a hammer or rolling pin. If you have a food processor, you could use that as well.

After cookies are crushed, add 1/3 C melted butter and combine.

Press the combined mix into the bottom of a spring form pan (or any other pan that will freeze well). Cover with chocolate sauce.

Press whole cookies along the edges of the pan with the top side facing out.

Place in freezer for 15 minutes to firm up.

While the base is firming up in the freezer, put your softened ice cream into a mixing bowl and add more crushed cookies and mix to combine.

When the base is set up, gently put the ice cream into the pan and push to the edges, and smooth out the top.

Credit: Contributed, Lynne Cross

Cover the top with caramel sauce and whipped cream - then return to the freezer for about 4 hours so that softened ice cream and refreeze.

When you are ready to serve take it out of the freezer, remove the spring form and add more chocolate sauce ~ Emmi added a dash of sprinkles as well!