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Fall into the season with a cocktail or mocktail

Steve Corman loves creating new flavors to add to cocktails and mocktails at Vena's Fizz House in Portland; here are two fall drinks using apple cider syrup.

PORTLAND, Maine — We are officially in the fall season, and as the weather cools down, our taste buds start to crave certain spices. We're not talking pumpkin spice - although I can appreciate a good fall latte.

Steve Corman, the founder of Vena's Fizz House, and flavor creator, shows us a few drinks we can mix up at home, using some flavor infusions.  

Apple Smash

-2 oz Bourbon or rye (Steve uses Tidewalker from New England Distilling)

-3/4 oz Apple Acres apple cider syrup 

-3/4 oz squeezed lemon juice

-Vena's Aromatic Bitters (which includes all spice, clove, cinnamon, orange, cardamom, sassafras, sarsaparilla, and fennel)

Add ice and give it a shake. Enjoy. 

Maine Maple Fire

-1 1/2 oz local maple syrup

-1/2 oz of apple cider syrup

-1/4 oz lemon juice

-3 dashes of Aromatic bitter

-3 or 4 dashes of ghost pepper bitters (Steve uses spice from Beast Feast)

Add ice, then add seltzer and stir. Enjoy. 

If you want to make it boozy, just add bourbon. 

To learn more about Vena's Fizz House or shop their line of bitters and cocktail/mocktail mixes, click here

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