PORTLAND, Maine — Not sure about you, but if there's chocolate on it, chances are, I'll try. Forever a glutton for the cacao craving, I give in, with passionate oblivion. It's a weakness, I'm aware, and Ali Waks Adams makes it no easier to resist. She whips this up with ease and shows you how. With some leftover toast, you too can make it at home.

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Crostini Ciccolato

12 Pieces Crostini (any type of toast, thinly sliced, great for getting rid of that leftover bread)

8 oz Chopped Dark Chocolate. You will be putting this through your food processor, so chopped is relative.

1 C. Heavy Cream

1 Tbs Dutch Cocoa

1 Tbs Espresso Powder

1 Orange

Heat the heavy cream until it starts to bubble.

While that starts heating, place chocolate in the food processor, as the cream starts bubbling, pour into the chocolate. Add Dutch Cocoa & Espresso Powder. 

When the mixture is without chunks, allow it to cool and spread on the crostini.

Using a zester, grate some of the orange peel over the chocolate on the crostini & server.