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Chef David Turin gets creative at home in his kitchen

Fried Rice can include just about anything you have on hand!

PORTLAND, Maine — David Turin’s 'at home' Fried Rice

Maine Chef David  - owner of David's Restaurant, David's 388, and Opus Ten, is home just like the rest of us -- and often turns to making Fried Rice to feed his family. It’s easy and delicious, and plenty of us have leftover rice in the house! David used what was in his kitchen -- but you can add whatever veggies you have around -- your preference. 

In a wok, over medium to high heat - add  3 TB butter (1 TB for each serving, and this dish will serve three people)

Add small amounts of onions, carrots, celery, peppers, sugar snap peas (or regular peas) whatever veggies you prefer and have around!

Add cooked sausage – and continue to stir. David used veggie sausage, you can add whatever meat you prefer. 

For his sauce, David mixed two parts Sweet chili sauce (about a half cup), to one part soy sauce (about a 1/4 cup)  and a little bit of sugar (about a TB)– this sauce will last in the fridge for weeks and weeks! We'll add the sauce a bit later. David also added some chopped scallions.

Push the vegetables off to the side, and in the empty space in the wok, add a bit of sesame oil – more of a flavor oil, less of a cooking oil. Add eggs in to hot (sesame) oil – 3 eggs for three people - and let the eggs begin to cook. You don’t want the eggs to get too cooked (at this point)!

It is important to add ‘cold’ leftover rice – not hot, freshly cooked rice. When the eggs have barely have eggs cooked, add about 2 to 3 cups of leftover (previously cooked) rice. Stir it all together! And add the soy/chili sauce to taste – yum!

David prefers to add ‘big chunks’ of spinach or kale right at the end so they barely cook! Garnish with scallions if you’d like – serve and enjoy. 

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