PORTLAND, Maine — When Henry Kramer moved to Maine, finding new friends was difficult. What he found instead, was solace in playing his father's piano. While his social life eventually improved, so did his playing - now, Kramer travels the world performing for thousands of people. 

When he isn't traveling, he's teaching the music he loves. "I never want my career path to be defined by one thing or the other, I just feel like music so permeates my life and everything around me, and whatever way that expresses itself is a joy for me," says Kramer.

We sat down with Kramer at a friend's home to talk about his busy life, and his most recent honor: the 2019 Avery Fisher Career Grant by Lincoln Center – one of the most coveted honors an American soloist can receive.

So what was one of the first pieces to inspire the young pianist? "Abashedly I can admit it was the "Titanic" song," says Kramer. "I actually wrote a little transcription of it that I set it to the same way a Chopin Etude but with the harmonies of the 'Titanic,' so that's a fun party trick."

Henry Kramer will perform at The Franco Center in Lewiston on Friday, May 10th. For tickets click here: http://www.francocenter.org/events/henry-kramer-in-concert/ 

Kramer also has a show scheduled June 4th at St. Luke's Cathedral in Portland.