PORTLAND, Maine — If you were in Portland in the late '90s and early 2000's when The Skinny's sticky floor welded your shoes to concrete, you may remember the high energy of The Hot Dogs. Frontman Jeff Badger fueled the onslaught with humorous song lyrics mixed with naive melodies (nod intended...) and intoxicating rhythms that would leave you humming about frosty milkshakes or remembering the pants you wore for whatever occasion.

He's back at the onslaught of live music and he's kept his tongue in cheek sense of humor. His new EP 'Renovator' delivers the unusual songwriting he's known for. The title track featuring a couple on the beginning of domesticated bliss, hoodwinked by a renovator and Home Depot. Who writes songs about Home Depot? Not many, but Badger can create a catchy tune using just about any subject. Not only did he write all of these silly ditties, for the EP he also played all the instruments and sang all the songs, he's also that kind of overachiever. And if you're anything like me, you usually hate people like that. But Badger will reel you into his irreverence, finding humor in the picture frame on the wall and letting you in on the secret. 

Renovator release party is at Blue in Portland on Thursday 1.31.19. It's early, and he's brought the band back together. The blazing guitar solos creating a cacophony of aural onslaught you have not heard before are coming from the fingers of Adam Bean, long time Badger collaborator. And driving the baseline like a staircase through an old castle, Tom Abercrombie keeps the backbone together. Badger assembled some others to join him. You might be surprised at whose thumping skins, Craig Weaver formerly of 6 Gig and Rulers of the Raging Main can keep it light with some brushes. And then to add to the musical delight Matt Meyer from the Gumption Junction is back there adding the banjo. 

Jeff Badger