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The performers are from Maine, the music from around the world

Roots music rules at the annual festival presented by 317 Main.

YARMOUTH, Maine — 317 Main in Yarmouth is one of Maine’s underappreciated gems, an organization founded in 2004 “on the idea that music can engage, vitalize and strengthen human connections in our communities.” Most every week it teaches more than 500 people through summer camps, workshops, jam sessions, one-on-one classes and more. We’ve had several of its various musical groups on 207 over the years, and the quality of their musicianship has always impressed.

The latest group to drop by our studio was Flight 317, a touring ensemble composed entirely of teenagers. These musicians aren’t just dabbling—they can really play.

The festival is in North Yarmouth presented by 317 Main. The focus, as always, is on roots music, but you can also take in jazz, Guinean dance, world music and other cool stuff you’re not likely to hear on your car radio on the drive home from work.

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