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'Why does my cat look at me like that?'

Dr. John Hunt worked as a veterinarian in Bucksport for nearly 30 years. He's seen and heard some interesting things, which he's collected in a book.

BUCKSPORT, Maine — When you work for 27 years as a veterinarian in a small seaside town, you see - and hear - a lot of interesting things. Dr. John Hunt was sometimes paid in fresh seafood and got to know a lot of his patients and their owners on a personal level; to a point, he says, made it difficult to make a "quick trip" to the grocery store without someone asking him a question about their pet. 

From myths about Lyme disease; to whether you should hug your dog; to whether it's okay for Fido to eat his own poop, you'll find a lot of interesting and witty stories within his new book, "Why Does My Cat Look At Me Like That? Ponderings of a Small Town Veterinarian."

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