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Where has Rob been this week?

Rob Caldwell married his longtime girlfriend Emily in California on Wednesday afternoon.

SONOMA COUNTY, California — Rob Caldwell first met Emily Harradon in the newsroom of NEWS CENTER Maine. Emily was funny and outspoken from her perch on the assignment desk; Rob was quiet and reserved at his corner desk... but there was something brewing.

It wasn't until after Emily took a new job somewhere else that the two went on their first date.  

Credit: ©Run Away With Me LLC

More than a decade and many adventures together later, Rob popped the question in one of their favorite spots along Maine's coast. The two decided to hold a private ceremony on the other side of the country, with just a few friends by their side. 

"Emily and I were married today in Sonoma County, California. The weather, the setting, the company—all perfect. We feel enormously lucky and couldn’t be happier," says Rob. 

Credit: ©Run Away With Me LLC