PORTLAND, Maine — The musical duo Muddy Ruckus, made up of Ryan Flaherty and Erika Stahl, released a debut album nearly five years ago, a work that wove together strands of rock, folk, jazz and bluegrass. Ryan and Erika are still playing together, still living in Maine, still releasing new music. It’s not easy to put their songs in a particular category, which is fine with them. “We have many different influences and they’re all part of our expression and method,” Ryan said when the first album came out. “Muddy Ruckus isn’t just our name—it’s the kind of music we play.”

Muddy Ruckus is now trying to release about a song a month. A single called “Brimstone” came out this year, and it’s one of two songs they played on their latest visit to the 207 studio. Want to see the band live? 

They’re playing at Port City Music Hall with King Kyote on May 24.

Link: www.muddyruckus.com