FRIENDSHIP, Maine — Tom Joyal built his first boat when he was 10-years-old in Kennebunk, but restoration has been in his blood since birth. 

Joyal eventually started renovating homes using discarded parts from old houses torn down. He named his business, The Old House Parts Company. While he's since sold it, Joyal took that renovation work to an old tugboat he purchased 13 years ago. 

It wasn't until three years ago that he finally made the New Year's Resolution to start working on it. Inspired by an old steamship that used to sit in Portland's harbor, Joyal had a vision; some old house parts including stained glass and wood flooring; and a name: The America. 

Work is almost complete on the troller, and when it is Joyal and his wife plan to travel south in it, stopping along to way to help share it's rich history.