PORTLAND, Maine — The last time our tech guru Rich Brooks, with Flyte New Media, was in our studio we talked about all of the ways in which we use our smartphones. The conversation inspired Brooks to pull back from the amount of time he spends on his. We checked back in one month later to find out how the "diet" went.

First, he admits, he had to deploy tactics to remind himself to put the phone down. He says using a rubber band around the phone itself reminded him to put it back every time he pulled it from his pocket while bored. Brooks also moved all of the apps off of his home screen; but noticed the biggest help was turning off all notifications, with the exception of text messages and his calendar.

While he did step away from his phone quite a bit, Brooks admits he found himself using his laptop, tablet, and Alexa more often. Overall though, he wasn't constantly reaching for the cellphone first thing in the morning or throughout the day, so he says the diet worked. 

His takeaways: 

  • It was difficult. Especially when there was nothing to do.
  • You notice how much time OTHER people spend on their phones.
  • I don't know that I'll keep up with this.
  • Certainly can't live without Waze.
  • Recommend people shut off all or most notifications. Look to apps that limit screen time.
  • We have never been TAUGHT healthy smartphone usage... maybe that should be in our school's curriculum.

Flyte New Media: https://www.takeflyte.com/