BOSTON, Massachusetts — When Maine's Patrick Dempsey stepped away from the show, "Grey's Anatomy," he said he wanted to focus on family, racing, and producing. All three culminate in his latest film, "The Art of Racing in the Rain." 

Racing is more than a hobby for Patrick, it's a sport he loves and succeeds in. So when he decided to produce this film, he wanted to keep it as authentic as possible, which meant using a real racing team based in Massachusetts. He turned to friend and fellow racer, Will Turner, who owns Turner Motorsport and the car that's now featured in the film. 

Turner and his race car were at Dempsey's film premiere in Boston this week, which is where we spoke with him about his team and his love for Maine; a place his mother moved to, and in part raised him.

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"The Art of Racing in the Rain" is in theaters on Friday.