PORTLAND, Maine — What did you have for breakfast this morning? Quite possibly a bagel, a doughnut or a piece of toast. For lunch, you may have eaten a sandwich. By dinnertime you might be ready for a salad along with meat or fish or chicken, perhaps accompanied by a nice chunk of bread.

In all three meals, we find bread or some type of bread product, which is not the least bit surprising since bread is the most widely consumed food in the world. 

When Joe Ricchio, the host of The Food Coma Podcast, reached out to me about what we should discuss when he appeared on 207 this week, he wasn’t quite sure what topic he wanted to tackle. “I’ve been tossing around bagels, bakeries,” he wrote somewhat tentatively.

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He didn’t need to say another word. 

He had me at bagels. 

Here is Joe's list of his favorite bread products in Maine. Watch our interview to see what makes them special.

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