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Stretches to get you through those new pandemic workouts

Have you had new jaw pain? It could be from your mask... Dr. Allyson Coffin walks us through some stretches.

YARMOUTH, Maine — Some of you have taken up new workouts; others have taken on home projects; and some may be experiencing jaw pain from your mask. "You don't want to touch your face, right? So you [use your jaw] to pull your mask down," says Dr. Coffin. "That will affect your jaw muscles, so over time your jaw will just jut forward and you'll get tightness all through your jaw, and some people get ear pain as well. So a good thing to do is massage the muscles in your face, of course when your hands are clean."

"The other one you can do for that jaw pain is the muscle under our jaw, use your two fingers and push up into your jaw and slide back," says Coffin, who has also seen a lot of new pain in some of her clients at Align With Wellness in Yarmouth, from workouts and home improvements. As always, her advice is not to just jump into a new workout without stretching; and to take plenty of breaks when tackling those home projects. 

Dr. Coffin offers up some stretches for your hip flexor and your neck and shoulders. Just click on the video to watch those stretches. To learn more about Align With Wellness, click here

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