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Staycation made easier with a new adventure website

AdventureLocalMaine.com offers advice on where to camp, hike, bike, and get your gear.

PORTLAND, Maine — While a lot of travel plans have been cancelled, it's one of the best summers to be tourists in our own state. From well known spots like Acadia National Park, to campsites off the beaten path, there's a website that not only lists adventures and where to find them, but also where to get the right gear, and what to know before you arrive. 

It's called Adventure Local Maine; the creation of Maine Outdoor Brands, which works with outdoor companies; clothing and gear brands; and adventure spots. "We were seeing this huge interest of people getting outside [when the pandemic hit]," says Jenny Kordick, with Maine Outdoor Brands.

"When coronavirus picked up and state parks had to close because there were so many people going; one of our members is Maine Trail Finder - and they have this great website where people can go and find places to hike - they saw almost a 200% increase in people going to their site; so we saw this huge wave of people wanting to get outdoors."

Once you find a place you've never been to, there may be discounts offered specifically to Maine residents - so check that while exploring AdventureLocalMaine.com

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