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Safe House app helps victims of violence

In a world of technology, it can be difficult to navigate help and where to find the right resources. Eliza Conley-Lepene created an app called Safe House Maine.

PORTLAND, Maine — When Eliza Conley-Lepene started the process of leaving a violent relationship, she wanted answers and she wanted discretion, which eventually inspired her to create an app called Safe House Maine; a secure place with a lot of answers and help. Her intention wasn't to reinvent the wheel; Eliza acknowledges that there are a lot of resources not just nationwide but in Maine for people in a variety of situations, but this gathers those resources into one place - a phone. 

Safe House Maine has icons for a variety of situations: domestic violence, sex trafficking, even resources for children or for those struggling with depression. 

The app isn't available through the traditional app store on your phone, because Eliza didn't want email addresses to be attached to it for the sake of discretion. Instead, to download the app onto your phone, go to the website: safehousenational.org and follow the steps. 

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