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Posture practices that will make car rides less painful

Whether you've returned to your daily work commute or you're planning a road trip, it helps to stretch first.

YARMOUTH, Maine — Whether you're making a return to the office and have once again resumed your commute in the car, or you're planning a summer road trip, too much time in the car can cause aches and pains.

It sounds funny, but doing some warmups or post-car ride stretches can make a big difference. Chiropractor Allyson Coffin shares best posture practices and some things you can add to your seat for a more comfortable ride. 

The first addition is an inflatable balance disc that Dr. Coffin sells out of her chiropractic office, Align with Wellness in Yarmouth. You can also find them online. It's essentially a small, easy-to-travel-with version of those inflatable balls people were using at their desks. As you balance on it, you're strengthening your ab muscles, and are forced to sit up straighter. 

Dr. Coffin also recommends adjusting the lumbar support in your seat to help support your back, or rolling a hand towel to stuff behind you for that added support. 

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Here are a few stretches you can do before or after your car ride: 

1. With your feet shoulder-length apart, lean forward toward your toes. Keep your legs straight and your back straight as you bend. 

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2. Standing straight, pull one leg up, wrapping your hands around your knee and pull your knee toward your body. Hold for 30 seconds and switch legs. 

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3. Grab your wrist behind your back and pull straight down. While doing that, turn your head away from that wrist and tuck your chin down for a deep neck stretch. 

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You can follow Align With Wellness on Instagram and TikTok: @alignwithwellness. 

Dr. Coffin also runs an online class to help busy moms find their balance... learn more through Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/happiermoms/   

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