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Photographs to take you on a 'retro roadtrip'

Joshua Hrehovcik and Geraldine Aikman have released a series of books filled with photographs of some unique places to visit in Maine.

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — What started out as a series of beautiful photos on Instagram, has now turned into a marketing tool to help promote some unique spots in our state.

Photographer Joshua Hrehovcik has teamed up with graphic designer Geraldine Aikman on a series of books called Retro Roadtrip. The latest in the series features the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport. 

The museum was founded in 1939 and according to its website, is the first and largest electric railway museum in the world. "I went there as a kid on field trips and it was great," says Hrehovcik. "I stopped by a couple times and suddenly I had a couple thousand photographs. Fortunately Geraldine reeled it in because that book could’ve been as thick as the Manhattan phonebook."

There are four books in the Retro Roadtrip series. The idea was initially Geraldine Aikman's, Hrehovcik explains. He says she saw photos he was posting to Instagram and wanted to design something informational around them. 

Credit: Joshua Hrehovcik

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"[Retro Roadrip] is for people from away, I want people to know what a special place we have here in Maine. But what has been really interesting is, there are people who live right here in Maine who haven’t seen some of these places. One of the nicest things people have said is we’ve driven by that 100 times and we didn’t know it was there, or we’ve never seen it like that," says Hrehovcik.

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