WHITEFIELD, Maine — Art often focuses on the outer beauty, but an artist in Whitefield is looking at what's inside; what makes a woman who she is.

Like a lot of young girls, Amanda Hard struggled with fitting in, and figuring out who she was, something she started expressing through painting. She never expected her skills would someday be a source of hope and healing for women who have been through the battle of their lives. 

"I started creating these paintings because one day I'm a cupcake girl and the next I'm dealing with the world and it feels like I'm a toxic girl and I have to wear a mask to get through the day," says Hard. Over the years, she has painted a variety of what she calls her "girls," different styles; different colors; different occupations. 

"I always envisioned having my paintings hanging and women would come in and look at something and say, 'Wow that's my alter ego,' or, 'She's what I want to be when I grow up.'"

Hard's dream came true recently at a show in Los Angeles; where her paintings were featured in an exhibition. It was only eight months ago that Hard started printing her paintings onto other canvases like backpacks and coffee mugs and sharing them with the world through her company: Penny Prints

Penny Prints
Penny Prints

The goal was always to empower other girls, but Amanda had no idea how far that would go until she started getting feedback from on specific line: "Beautiful Survivor," inspired by her friend Leigh Greenwood, a breast cancer survivor. 

Leigh and Amanda
Penny Prints

"She is such an amazing person," says Greenwood about her friend. "I felt honored that she was amazed and inspired by me."

The proceeds from that specific collection go directly to breast cancer organizations that help women with their medical or home bills. "Because as Leigh said you can't work, it's very difficult to work. So I wanted that collection to be able to support and help other women in that aspect," says Hard.

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