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Moms, put yourselves first this Mother's Day

Jillian Bolanz was a struggling mother of two young kids just two years ago, when she decided to take back control of her life. Now she teaches other women how to do the same.

PORTLAND, Maine — While Mother's Day is meant to be a time to pamper and celebrate mom, it often ends up with mom dragged to a brunch she really doesn't want to go to. So how do we make sure we really give mom what she needs? And more specifically, how can mothers start putting themselves first again? 

Jillian Bolanz is a mother of two young boys. Two years ago, she would have laughed at someone telling her to take the time to meditate or journal; now, she's the person telling women to do just that. 

Bolanz is an intuitive life and business coach whose podcasts and journals are designed to help women refocus their lives. Women are capable of multitasking, which Bolanz says means they often put everyone else's needs and wants ahead of their own. While she's not advocating for anyone to give up their families, she says it's so important FOR your families to take even just ten minutes of your day to yourself and really get in touch with what you feel, what you want, and what you need.

A lot of that begins with writing in a journal. Bolanz recommends finding one that comes with prompts like, "How can you love yourself more?" and, "List out the things that make you feel alive!" instead of just blank pages. Find energy stones, even if you don't believe in their power, just holding something that fits well in your hand can help you control your focus. She also recommends essential oils, finding something that smells nice and relaxes you. The overall goal is to turn off the outside noise while meditating or writing in your journal. 

Most importantly, don't be afraid to ask the people around you for help in what you want; what will make you most happy. If you're happy and following something that matters to you, it makes the people around you happy. 

For more information on Jillian Bolanz and her podcasts: https://www.jillianbolanz.com/ 

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