PORTLAND, Maine — While Albert Einstein's name is widely known, along with his theory of relativity - the story of how it was ultimately proven is not. Novelist Cathie Pelletier wanted to know more, and after watching interviews from the 1980's with people involved, she knew there was a book in there. 

A critically-acclaimed writer, Pelletier knew she could tell the story of the seven astronomers determined to help Einstein prove his theory right by photographing starlight as it passed the sun during a total solar eclipse; the adventures and dangers they faced along the way; and what it meant for their families. 

However, when it came to flushing out the actual work, Pelletier knew she would need some help. She turned to Dr. S. James Gates, Jr. - a theoretical physicist - to help her write her story. 

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Dr. Gates spends much of his time at Brown University in Rhode Island, while Pelletier works from her home in Allagash, Maine; which meant a lot of the work happened through their computers and phone calls. 

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