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Life lessons learned from the family cats

Christopher Morin has written about the impact his three family cats left on him in a new memoir, "Three Fab Felines."

PORTLAND, Maine — Many of us have fond memories of our childhood pets, or memories of some of the awful things they did. Christopher Morin took those memories a step further when he wrote about his favorite dogs in Three Labs A Lifetime.

The book was something that was meant for him to look back on, but it seemed to really resonate with others. So much so, that his nephew started asking why he didn't write about the family cats. So Chris got to work on Three Fab Felines

While he hadn't intended to write about the three cats he grew up with, Chris says he enjoyed going back through old memories and jotting down stories. "It allows me to go back and remember all of those great memories I had growing up and everything involved in that," Morin says. 

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"It’s not work, it’s fun. I got to go through a bunch of old pictures. I got to see things I hadn’t seen in a very long time and I was remembering things that it happened a very long time ago, and it brought back a lot of nice warm memories."

Those memories also translate into lessons learned from each cat; lessons Chris shares through his book. 

Credit: Christopher Morin

"Moses was our first cat and she wasn’t the most agreeable pet to begin with. She had a couple of issues, to put it politely. The thing that she taught me was patience and respect and understanding. She had specific needs, and tolerance was something that was key with her, so she taught me those things at a very young age," Chris explains. 

"Snowy - the middle cat - she was really feisty and scrappy and she was a little bit undersized, but she never back down from a challenge. She never backed down when she felt she was wronged or if she was threatened in any way," Chris says. "So in a small way, she taught me to stand up for myself when I felt those things as a child."

"Lucy - our third cat - was nothing but pure joy and adulation and affection. She would just light up the room every time she came in," says Chris, "and that was contagious. Anytime you were around her you just felt this love and this happiness. And I learned that if you could just pass that on to others it was just wonderful and contagious."

To learn more about Three Fab Felines, click here. You can also find Christopher Morin on Amazon. 

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