PORTLAND, Maine — If you're looking for a workout that doesn't really feel like a workout, dance your way into the Hustle and Flow Studio. "The idea was to have a lot of fun, bring a lot of people together, work out, sweat together, laugh together and find some freedom through movement," explains instructor, and studio founder Stephanie Harmon.

Harmon opened her Portland studio nearly five years ago. While she offers the typical yoga and boot camp classes, her favorites are dance, "It's a fun combination. You forget that you're working out."

On her studio floor you'll find other artists, but also doctors, lawyers, people from all walks of life, all coming here to let it out and suck that belly in. "I think a lot of people come here to be away from their families, their jobs; it's really a social thing."

Can you really just dance your way through a workout? Does a little hip hop actually help tone? "It just does," Harmon laughs. "You come in here and you're sore the next day from working out. We're dancing but we're doing squats, we get down and do planks and when it's a slower more sensual class we are taking the movements and holding them, we are twisting, we are doing isolation. We are working out. I like to forget about that part honestly, but it shows. You feel it. And it's not even something we talk about it's really just moving together."

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