OLD TOWN, Maine — Jack Cashman's great-great-grandfathers both immigrated to America from Ireland during the country's drive for independence. Jack had grown up hearing the stories of his ancestors, and the struggles they faced when the came to a country that didn't want them here. 

When he found himself with a little spare time, the former politician from Old Town started doing more research on what it meant to be an Irish immigrant, and specifically the stories of his own family. The research led him to start writing a novel, loosely based on his family's entrance into America, but historically accurate. 

"An Irish Immigrant Story" tells the tale of two people in love, who wanted to start their family in a new country not torn by war; and the success of the second generation, despite an untimely death. 

For more information on the novel: https://www.amazon.com/Irish-Immigrant-Story-Jack-Cashman/dp/164350679X