PORTLAND, Maine — Rich Brooks with Flyte New Media was recently in our studio to talk about how job seekers can use the internet to make themselves stand out when applying for jobs. 

He returned with advice for the employers, this time. Brooks says national sites like Indeed, Monster, and ZipRecruiter are huge for companies looking for employees. ZipRecruiter pushes your listing to “qualified” candidates recommending they apply. Local sites like Jobs in ME and Craigslist are also worth checking.

Brooks says there are also specialty sites like Ladders that tend to be better for jobs that pay $100K, although you may be able to post jobs starting at 40K there.

We mentioned that it’s a competitive market place to get employees; are there other things we should be considering?

Glass Door is a website where employees past and present can review you. Many prospective employees will visit the site to find out the real dirt on your company. Regularly reviewing this site and taking the reviews seriously can help.

Also, if you can afford it, you can look at an ATS: an applicant tracking system. This can be hosted in house or remotely, and blasts out to multiple job boards, allows you to review multiple applicants on one screen, share the best applications easily with your team, handle scheduling of interviews, and build a database for later use for other job openings.

Any tips on using social media sites? 

LinkedIn: Do you have a careers page? Are you posting regularly? The more robust your profile and network, the more likely you are to reach that person.

Facebook: Millennials want a job that gives purpose and is part of the community. What does your FB page say about you?