PORTLAND, Maine — Hollow Moon

1 oz. Laird's Applejack

3/4 oz. Amontillado

1/2 oz. Old Overholt Bonded Rye

1/2 oz. lemon

1/2 oz. tea/black peppercorn syrup (make like simple syrup)

1/2 oz. simple syrup (2 parts sugar dissolved in 1 part water)

tsp. turmeric syrup (2 parts turmeric juice dissolved in 1 part water)

Shake, strain into coupe

Garnish: cracked pink peppercorn

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Harbor Coat

1.5 oz. scotch

1/2 oz. lemon

1/2 oz. turmeric syrup 

1/2 oz. simple syrup

1/4 oz. ginger

Combine ingredients and pout into toddy mug; top with hot water 

Garnish: torched cinnamon stick, orange peel

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