SCARBOROUGH, Maine — Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show by Neil Diamond: Playing to the crowd on this one, summertime in New England means Red Sox and Seadogs baseball and that means Sweet Caroline. You can probably smell the Fenway franks whenever that song comes on the radio right? Honorable mention to Face the Music by ELO for the funtown connection.

Ride on Time by Tatsuro Yamashita: Always throwing a curve ball here Yamashita’s “ride on time” is front to back an incredible ride through the sounds of early Jpop. American music fans will find a lot to like here even if they don’t catch all the words.

Supernatural by Santana : a true capstone for the 1990s if ever there was one. Every single track on this album could easily be described as “sizzling” but I think Rob Thomas sums it up best when he simply says “man it’s a hot one..”

Mothership Connection by Parliament: wanted to include a dance album here but it’s hard to get fresher or funkier than the original starchild.

Surfer’s Choice by Dick Dale: Most people know him these days because of Pulp Fiction but the original king of Surf Rock is now slouch when it comes to laying down licks to get groovy too. His 1962 debut Surfer’s Choice still hangs a perfect 10 when it comes to summer vibes.